Tribute for a God (HD comic Ass Shot Sunday)

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Tribute for a God (HD comic Ass Shot Sunday)

Taraji: "Your tradition is peculiar, but if it pleases your God, Ashot Sundai, then I shall do this to honor his name." Edward: "It's a very important custom that must be performed every seventh day by my people, Princess Taraji." Taraji: "I'm beginning to like the Gods you worship! I've never felt pleasurable sensations like this when offering tribute to our own Gods." Edward: "There are rewards for women that give themselves to Ashot Sundai!" Taraji: "Do you think Ashot Sundai will grant me his blessing?" Edward: "When he is satisfied with your offering, you'll feel his divine power filling you!" Edward: "YES! ASHOT SUNDAI HAS ARRIVED! I FEEL HIM POSSESSING MY BODY! HE CUUUUMS! HE CUUUUUMS NOW!" Taraji: "It's finished already? Your God doesn't like long rituals, does he!" Edward: "He's a very busy God! but Ashot Sundai can grant more blessings after a short break."


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